Myofascial Release

What is Myofascial Release?

Myofascial Release (MFR) is a gentle but highly effective hands-on treatment that works with your body’s fascia or connective tissue system. We have planes of fascia that run from the soles of our feet to the top of our skull. If we have restrictions within that fascia, like C-section or appendix scars or poor posture and overworking muscles, the whole body and its internal systems can be compromised.

True myofascial therapists use advanced skills of touch and “listening” to feel the pulls and restrictions within each individual’s body. Using gentle, slow, sustained pressure they work to free these restrictions. Each treatment is truly unique. Myofascial Release treatments can lead to increased ease of movement, reduction of pain and better posture.

In my Swedish Massage training I learnt how to treat a leg, in my Sports Massage training I learnt how to look at that leg as all the individual muscles, with my myofascial release training I have learnt to look at each leg as unique and part of the overall picture of a person, treating the whole body.

Emotional Release

Sometimes within a myofascial release treatment you can experience a spontaneous and natural flow or release of movement and/or emotion from the body. This is known as “unwinding”.  It is not a technique that can be forced, but rather a natural response to treatment for some people. For example if your fascia was damaged by an injury, your body may move into the position in which it was injured as an emotional memory of the injury as the fascia releases.


I have done my myofascial release training with Ruth Duncan who runs Myofascial Release UK. She has studied directly with MFR guru John F. Barnes in California and brought his techniques to the UK. I have also done specialist courses in abdominal and C-section scarring and working with scar tissue, to tie in with my pre and post natal Pilates specialisms.