Pelvic Floor Appointment Info

So you’ve probably never had an appointment like this before and you might be a little anxious about what it might involve. I hope that the below will help to put your mind at rest.

After referral to a women’s health phyio in a hospital or after having a baby you will often be set pelvic floor exercises, but these tend to be a list of generic exercises with no actual assessment of your own pelvic floor. This is madness, you wouldn’t do this with an arm or a leg or any other body part. Your pelvic floor needs assessing just as any other part of your body does.

In a typical pelvic floor appointment we will do a detailed case history to understand your current challenges and goals. From there you’ll sign a consent form and be offered a chaperone should you want one present (most of my pelvic floor clients bring their young babies so have a constant chaperone for while!). Next we will do some general release work around other muscles and structures that may be involved so that I can assess the body overall, these might include releasing tight inner thigh muscles or releasing tension around your sacrum (pelvis). Then, if you are comfortable we will do an internal pelvic floor assessment and palpation to work out which muscles are over-working, under-working or need retraining. You will be covered with a towel at all times. After the hands on work we will decide whether you need to do any “homework” and come up with a work-able solution for you, be that phone reminders or last things at night, whatever fits your (usually) busy schedule.

In order to specialise in this work I am highly trained, sensitive and professional and will discuss the treatment with you thoroughly before carrying it out.

My clients report huge improvements in continence issues, reduction of pain during sex, and improved ability to play sport as they did before having children. Getting your pelvic floor issues looked into and resolved can play a huge part in your confidence and wellbeing.