Pregnancy Massage & Pilates

Are you or someone you know pregnant?

Why not book an hour-long tranquil and nurturing pregnancy massage with someone who truly knows how to ease any aches and pains in your changing body?

Pregnancy Massage

My pregnancy massage treatments is done entirely in a side-lying position, to keep mother and baby safe and comfortable.

Many pregnancy massages short-change mother-to-be by simply adapting a standard massage routine to make it “safe” for pregnant women, rather than addressing the specialist needs of pregnant women.

Each trimester of pregnancy brings about different changes in a woman’s body, from changes in posture, to aching lower backs, to tight necks and shoulders as they adapt to the changing body of the woman and growing baby.

My pregnancy massage is done entirely in a side-lying position, working up the back, shoulders, neck and hip areas on one side, working into the hair and scalp to relax tension, working the calf muscles to minimise ankle swelling, before slowly moving to the other side and repeating these techniques, spending more time on the areas that need it most.

Pre and Post Natal Pilates

I have done pre and post natal specialist training to safely and confidently work with women with conditions such as SPD pain (pain, stiffness or misalignment of the pelvis), diastase recti (separation of the abdominal muscles common with big babies), C-section scarr, and other changes that happen during and after pregnancy and birth.

The aim of my pre and post natal Pilates is to prepare women for strong, happy and healthy pregnancies, to get their bodies ready for birth, and to work with them afterwards to release, realign and strengthen their bodies, both for their own confidence and for motherhood. Getting back into your old jeans is not was important as being strong enough to lift and feed your baby.

I recommend at least one pre natal Pilates one to one session per trimester and will teach you exercises that you can do at home trimester by trimester.

Real Life Stories

During my pregnancy I was lucky enough to attend hypnobirthing classes with the fantastic and dedicated Deborah Pryn of Boldly Glow Birthing. It helped me and my husband prepare for parenthood and meet other couples. It was exciting to get updates as our new family members arrived in the world and they still play together now!